Hepatitis C - Class Actions Settlement
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2003 Annual Report

Important Notice!

At the end of Year Three, Annual Reports and Schedules were submitted by all Court appointed service providers and reviewed by the Courts having jurisdiction over the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Settlement Agreement. This section of the Web site includes all Annual Reports and Schedules. Please note that some Schedules have been modified because the original version contains commercially confidential information.

I. Year 3 (for the period ending March 31, 2003) Annual Report of the Joint Committee (Schedule A)

Overview and Summary


Deloitte & Touche

Schedule B
Schedule C
Schedule D
Schedule E
Schedule F
Schedule G
Schedule H

Royal Trust

Schedule I

TD Asset Management

Schedule J
Schedule K

Eckler Partners Ltd.

Schedule L
Schedule M
Schedule N
Schedule O

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Schedule P

Canadian Blood Services

Schedule Q
Schedule R

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5

Crawford/Garden City Group Canada

Schedule S
Schedule T

Fund Counsel

Schedule U

Joint Committee

Schedule V
Schedule W

Referees and Arbitrators

Schedule X

II. Financial Statements Prepared by the Court Appointed Auditors – Deloitte & Touche

Auditors’ Report for Year 3
Schedule B – Statement of Financial Position
Schedule B – Statement of Expenses and Revenue
Schedule B – Notes to the Financial Statements

III. Canadian Blood Services Expenses for Year 3

Auditors’ Notes to the Joint Committee of the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Fund
Schedule R

IV. Héma-Québec Expenses for Year 3

Appendix for Year Ended March 31, 2003

V. The Administrator’s Expenses and Annual Report for Year 3

Claims Activity
Operational Highlights
Auditors’ Notes to the Joint Committee of the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Fund