Hepatitis C - Class Actions Settlement
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a Claim for reassessment?
Traceback Procedure
Who do I call if I received a Blood transfusion before 1986, and I would like to file a Claim for part of the $79 million settlement?
Where can I find my Blood transfusion records?
What if I got a letter from the province of Nova Scotia (or British Columbia) as part of their notification program, but I can't get my transfusion records?
What happens if I can't get a copy of my Blood transfusion records, but I wasn't part of either the British Columbia or Nova Scotia notification programs?
Why does the presence of Other Risk Factors (ORF) affect the time frame for my Traceback procedure?
I don't have a copy of my Traceback results. Who should I call?
Estate Claims
What do I need to submit if I have just become the executor or executrix of the Estate of a deceased HCV Infected Person?
What do I do if the deceased HCV Infected Person did not leave a Last Will?
Why is it necessary for a Family Member to submit a long form Birth Certificate, rather than a regular Birth Certificate?
Who can sign Claim forms on behalf of a minor or a mentally incompetent adult Claimant?
Who can sign a Full and Final Release on behalf of a minor or mentally incompetent adult Claimant?
How are funds allocated to Family Members, when a Claim involves minors?
The HCV Infected Person Died Before January 1, 1999 - DB9 Claims
What happens if there is disagreement among Family Members, when the deceased died before January 1, 1999?
PCR Test
How can the HCV Infected Person get a PCR Test for approval at disease Level 2?
Why have I received a letter asking me to repeat a PCR Test when I have already sent in a copy?
Who else gets a copy of my PCR Test results?
Other Risk Factors
Can you tell me what the Other Risk Factor Form is for and why the Administrator needs this information?
What if one of the Other Risk Factors is non-prescription intravenous drug use?
Is there a fee for filing an appeal?
Do I need a lawyer to file an appeal?
What is the difference between a referee and an arbitrator?
Uninsured Treatments or Medications
The cost of HCV related drugs and drug therapy is high. Can I get compensation for such costs?
Can I still make claims for Uninsured Treatments or Medications purchased outside of Canada?
Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Why are reimbursements for Out-of-Pocket Expenses relating to a minor sent to the Public Trustee, when it is the parent who has paid for the expenses?
When can I start claiming mileage for visits to the doctor relating to my Hepatitis C?
Can I still file a Claim for Out-of-Pocket Expenses purchased outside of Canada?
I did not have all my receipts for my initial Claim, because it was a long time ago. Will I still be paid?
If I had to stay overnight, how much will the Administrator pay for my hotel room?
Can I file a Claim for babysitting or lost wages associated with a doctor's appointment?

Gen 3 Form
What can I claim on my GEN 3 Form?
How do I file a Claim for mileage?
How do I file a Claim for Uninsured Treatments and Medications?
What if I no longer have the receipts?

Loss of income (LOI) / Loss of services (SRV)
How can I be compensated for loss of income or loss of services in the home?
If I am at disease Level 3, how do I determine I'm 80% disabled?
How do I file a Claim for loss of income for next year?
How do I file a Claim for loss of support?
How do I file a Claim for loss of services?
Until what age is a Child of the deceased HCV Infected Person considered a Dependant?
How will my loss of income be paid?

If I am temporarily disabled how will my loss of income be paid?

Adjustment to Compensation Payments
Why was $5,000 held back from my disease Level 2 fixed payment and what was the outcome of the June 2002 hearings with respect to releasing this holdback?
What about the 70% and $75,000 limitations on loss of income or loss of support compensation?
Cost of Care
Can a family member claim for caring for the HCV Infected Person?
My mother/father requires 24 hr nursing care. Can I claim for this?
If the HCV Infected Person has died, why would I have VON complete the forms?
Can I contact a service provider other than VON to complete the GEN 4 form?
Why can’t the Claims Centre complete the forms if they have the information on file?
My father was at level 6 but was not diagnosed with HCV until he was hospitalized and dying. What do I indicate as the date or year of level 6 diagnosis?

If you rent a TV in a hospital for an extended period of time is this covered under Costs of Care?

On my income tax return, I have claimed for that portion that was not covered by my insurance company. How do I calculate the amount that I can claim under Costs of Care?
What amount will be covered if I place my mother/father in a long-term care facility?
If the Doctor is unable to complete the level 6 date (Question 4 on the GEN 4) can the Doctor contact the Claims Centre?
Can a Doctor other than the one who completed the TRAN 2 form, complete the GEN 4 forms?
What is the difference between a long-term nursing care facility and a retirement home?

Is the cost of equipment i.e. hospital bed, walkers, bathroom aids etc., covered under Costs of Care?

My son took a day off work to accompany me to a Doctor’s appointment. Will I be able to claim this under Costs of Care?