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FAQ: Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Why are reimbursements for Out-of-Pocket Expenses relating to a minor sent to the Public Trustee, when it is the parent who has paid for the expenses?

Unless the parent has a Guardianship of Property Court Order, Section 7.06 of Transfused Plan (Schedule A) and Hemophiliac Plan (Schedule B), provides that payments for the benefit of a minor must be sent to a Public Trustee in the Province or Territory of residence of the minor or incompetent person.

When can I start claiming mileage for visits to the doctor relating to my Hepatitis C?

Mileage is paid from the date of diagnosis. This means you can be reimbursed for such things as mileage, parking fees, and meals as they relate to doctors' appointments for HCV. Out-of-Pocket Expenses for appointments unrelated to HCV, or scheduled before your date of diagnosis, will not be reimbursed.

Can I still file a Claim for Out-of-Pocket Expenses purchased outside of Canada?

If the Claim is for medications purchased outside of Canada, you must include a letter of explanation. You should also get approval from your treating physician in Canada, and include your receipts.

Also, according to Section 4.07(b) of Transfused Plan (Schedule A) and Hemophiliac Plan (Schedule B), "the amount of the expenses cannot exceed the amount therefor in the guidelines in the Regulations issued under the Financial Administration Act…"

Please indicate the currency used, when costs are incurred outside of Canada.

I did not have all my receipts for my initial Claim, because it was a long time ago. Will I still be paid?

You may be excused for not submitting receipts for your initial Claim. Please provide as much information as possible, and we will evaluate your Claim relying upon traceable costs and/or average costs and the time of purchase.

You must include all of your receipts and proof of HCV-related visits when making subsequent Claims.

If I had to stay overnight, how much will the Administrator pay for my hotel room?

According to the Joint Committee memo dated November 19, 2001, the distance between your place of residence and the HCV-related location must be greater than 250 kilometers one-way on any given day. You can also claim for a hotel (if applicable) up to a maximum of $155 per night.

Can I file a Claim for babysitting or lost wages associated with a doctor's appointment?

You can file a Claim for babysitting. Please include receipts for the cost, dates when you employed the sitter, along with the sitter's name, phone number and social insurance number.

However, Claims for lost wages due to medical appointments are not covered under the definition of Out-of-Pocket Expenses, which is found in Section 4.07 of Transfused Plan (Schedule A) and Hemophiliac Plan (Schedule B).

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