Hepatitis C - Class Actions Settlement
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Claimants: Essential Information : Opting Out

Opting Out

Important Notice!!

Please be advised that the opt-out deadline has expired!  If this Settlement Agreement affects you, you can no longer opt out of it.


More information about Opt Outs

Up until January 31, 2001, any affected person who wished to opt out of the settlement to pursue his or her own individual claim could do so by sending a written notice to the Administrator of the Hepatitis C Claims Centre.

Up until January 31, 2001, if any HCV-infected person opted out of the settlement, his or her family members and dependants were deemed to have also opted out of the settlement, unless the spouse, parent or child had a separate claim as a HCV Infected Person. In this case, he or she needed to make an independent decision concerning whether or not to opt out of the settlement. Except in Québec, no person could opt out a minor or a mentally incompetent person without permission of the court after notice to the Public Trustee and/or the Children's Lawyer, as appropriate.

All affected persons who did not opt out are bound by the terms of the settlement. Affected persons who did not opt out of their class action are required to consent to a dismissal of any existing actions they had commenced against the FPT Governments, the Canadian Blood Agency, the Canadian Blood Committee and any hospital or health caregiver in Canada to qualify for compensation under the settlement.