Hepatitis C - Class Actions Settlement
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Other Risk Factors

Other risk factors are circumstances where an HCV infected person may have been exposed to the HCV virus.

To be eligible for class membership, an HCV Infected Person who has other risk factors must answer further inquiries that may be made by the Administrator. Further inquiries are made in order to clarify/assess the source of the HCV infection.

To be eligible for class membership, an HCV Infected Person who has used intravenous non-prescription drugs must establish that on the balance of probabilities, he or she was first infected by a blood transfusion or by receiving/taking Blood during the class period.

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Additional Investigation and Proof Required

In accordance with the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Class Action Settlement Agreement, the Administrator is required to investigate claims where other risk factors are identified within Forms, medical documentation or other records pertaining to the HCV Infected Person.

Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, you must provide, where necessary, additional information or in some cases consent to a medical examination for the purposes of processing a claim.

The Settlement Agreement further states that if any person refuses to give any additional information, documentation or other matters in their possession, control or power, the Administrator must not approve the claim.

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"Other Risk Factor Inquiry" Form

Upon reviewing your claim, if we note that your claim has indications of other risk factors, you will be sent a form titled Other Risk Factor Inquiry.  You will need to answer the questions associated with the risk factors identified on this form.  We urge you to share with the Administrator any documentation supporting the accuracy of your answers.

Upon receipt of the completed Form (with any and all supporting documentation), the Administrator will resume the assessment of your claim. In some cases, the Administrator may have to make further inquiries with appropriate and informed persons.