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2007 Annual Report

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Schedule L - Canadian Blood Services – Litigation Notification Program – Cost Recovery Budget (January 1 – December 31, 2007)

Litigation Notification Program Associate

This position will be required this fiscal year at a .5 FTE capacity. This position will continue to liaise with the Fund Administrator and CBS Centre staff. CBS is seeking recovery of .5 FTE, or approximately $25,000 for the fiscal year.

Mailing/Courier Costs (Ottawa – Toronto)

The projected costs for mailing and courier have increased due to the relocation of the LB/TB Program to Toronto. The approximate costs will be $50 per week, or $2,600 annually. This cost represents courier packages sent from the LNP office in Toronto to the Fund Administrator in Ottawa. Also included in this cost is the postage for reporting letters to claimants, and any other special mailings that may be required. We are seeking to recover the costs of the mailings and couriers.

Stored Sample Costs

The projected cost for Stored Sample Storage Costs for 2005-2006 is $1,198/month, or $14,376 annually. This amount is based on last year’s costs and will be updated if necessary. Consideration is still being given to the disposal of these samples.

Appeal Cases – Travel

CBS does not anticipate, at this time, travel for appeal cases. However, should an appeal arise that requires CBS representation, travel expenses would be submitted under separate cover.

Appendix ‘A’

Annual Projected Costs 2007-2008

Staffing – LNP -.5 FTE


Mailing/Courier Costs

$ 2,600.00

Stored Sample Costs